Group Members [being updated]

Dr Ryan McBerney

Ryan  has joined us from the Turnbull lab at Leeds and is a PDRA working on a BBSRC project on modified GAG fragments applicable to conjugation for biological interaction studies

Olivia Holmes

Olivia graduated from Durham (2017) and is working on a BBSRC-funded project developing GAG fragments suitable for conjugates for biomimics, in collaboration with materials and biology groups.

Fahad Alharthi

Fahd joined us in 2017 after graduating from Taif University and Masters study in the USA. His PhD is developing synthetic glycosylaminoglycans and their use to explore important biomedical 

enzyme targets.

Rio Abdurrahman

Rio has joined us in Aug 2021

Emma Zakaria

Emma will be joining us in Autumn 2021 on a Commonwealth Scholarship


Yuanyunyao Xu

Yuanyunyao (Alexa) joined our group after completing her MSc at the University of Manchester.  She obtained her first degree from ECUST (East China University fo Science and Technology) in 2018 before coming to Manchester.  She is working on synthesis and applications of GAG fragments and conjugates


Zunaira Arshad

Zunaira joins our lab to conduct PhD research on bacterial saccharides.

Zunaira completed her BS at the University of Punjab and her MPhil at Forman Christian College in 2017.

Rawan Alnufaie

Rawan joins us to work on GAG fragment applications. She has a Masters graduation from Arkansas State University (USA), and as a graduate from Umm Al-Qura University (KSA) and has previously worked in heterocyclic medical chemistry, with work published in Molecules in 2019

Michael Hales

Michael has rejoined as a joint PhD with UNE, Australia, working oil synthetic carbohydrate vaccines

Eman Alghamdi

Eman is starting her PhD in carbohydrate chemistry

Jin-An Shu

Jin-An joined us as a 2019 Graduate from Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan and has been working on GAG synthetic precursors

Haijian Li

Haijian graduated from Jilin University and after a Masters in Newcastle UK, joined us is 2016. His work is developing GlcA-containing GAG fragments for particle conjugates.

Group Arrivals and Awards

Dec 2021 Congratulations to Fahad who has successfully defended his PhD Thesis!
Sept 2021 We welcome Rio Abdurrahman, Eman Algamdi and Emma Zakariah to the group, and also MChem projects students Usman and Grace
April 2021 Haijian gets his PhD award! He has got an excellent new postdoc position back in China and returned there in May.
Jan 2021 We welcome Rawan Alnufaie as an new PhD student
May 2020 Saravanan completes his PhD award. 
Sept 2021 Lewis Muncro and Aiden Ha joins as as MChem students
July 2020 We welcome Dr Ryan McBerney as a new postdoc.
Sept/October 2019 We welcome Jin-An Shiu and Alexa Xu who join as new PhD students. 
Sept 2019 Also welcome to new Masters project students Stefan Denieffe and Bethan Henley.
February 2019. We welcome Dr Fatma Telli Cetin on a Tubitak fellowship.
Sept 2018 Hollie Gillespie, Jem Pearson Sengel and Michaela Sommerova join the group 
Sept 2018 Taejung rejoins as a research assistant
April 2018 Taejung Park joins us for his MSc research project
Feb 2018 Majda joins us for her Erasmus project, working on terpenoid synthesis.
Sept 2017 Tung and Theo join us as Masters project students, working on carbohydrate synthesis related to methodologies for GAG fragment and of bacterial-wall saccharide structures.
Sept 2017 Olivia and Fahad join us as new PhD students working on synthetic oligosaccharides and their applications.

Sept 2016 Mike and Haijain join the lab as research students and Olivia and Vanessa as MChem project students

Summer 2016 Pleased to have Ramy back on an RSC-grant funded sabbatical!

Summer 2016 Ben and Emmanuel have joined the lab as Summer interns.

Nov 2015 Garrett re-joins the group in November in a post-PhD role working on a BBSRC-funded project synthesizing mixed sequence heparin fragments for therapeutic evaluations with a partner company.

Sept 2015 Welcome to Ebru and Nicole who join us as FInal Year MChem research project students.

Summer 2015 Harry Tainton, Ben Reant and Fernanda Lima joined us as Summer interns.

Summer 2015 Haiwei Ma joined us for his research project and is due to graduate in Dec 2015.

Sept 2014 David Cummings and Robin Jeanerret have joined the group as new PhD students working on oligosaccharide chemistry 

July 2014 Dr Kokovi Lawson has joined the group as a Postdoc working on carbohydrate synthesis

Summer 2014 Joshua McLouhglin will taking up a BBSRC-funded Summer internship in the group this Summer

April 2014 Ang Li joined the lab as an MSc student, April 2014

April 2014 Dr Aisling NiCheallagh has joined the group as a Postdoc on a BBSRC funded biocatalysis project in collaboration with Nigel Scrutton.

Sept 2013 Agata Brzezniak and David Cummings join us as MChem projects

Summer 2013 Agata Brzezniak has joined us as a Summer intern 

April 2013 Xiao Xiao has joined us this Summer for his MSc research

Sept 2012 Charlotte Dalton has joined the group as a PhD student

Jan 2012 Issa, and Jafar have joined the group as PhD students. Khalid will be working in the Budd group in collaboration with us, and Moayad will be working jointly with the Pritchard lab.

Sept 2011 Garrett, Ray and Mostafa joined the group and Sana joined us a visiting researcher (Oct 2011).

Sept 2010 Postgraduate students, Saira and Jinesh joined in September 2010

Feb 2010 David Mansell joined us as a postdoc (Feb 2010).