Polaryls for drug delivery

In a prior collaboration with Dr Tony d'Emanuele (UCLan) we synthesized various new dendrimers to evaluate their physico-chemical and drug inclusion properties.

In this work we have developed efficient chemical syntheses of several architectures of relatively rigid dendrimers, with discoid through to spherical symmetry systems. We have also been evaluating methods for functionalization to switch the physical properties of the dendrimers.

Research workers contributing to this project: Gemma Brown.

New Architectures in Dendrimers

We are developing routes to novel types of chiral architecture properties. These types of structures have potential applications in catalysis, in new opto-electronic materials and new polymer materials with unusual properties. The work involves developing new methods for assembling dendrimers.

We are interested in synthesis of dendrimers which do not contain formal chiral centres of axes, but which are constitutionally chiral. In other work, we are developing routes to dendrimers based on axial chirality and on new symmetries of restricted polyaryls.

Research workers contributing to this project: Ray Prajnamitra, Jafar Alkabli, Khalid Althumayri, Moayad Kahsoqji,  Shabbir Kapasi, Jinesh Mistry, Khalid Althumayri, Adil Gobouri, and Rami Morjan.