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Postdoc Alumni

12 former postdocs, around 30 or so former research students, over 20 researchvisitors/Summer interns, 8 M.Sc. and over 100 undergraduate researchers have worked in the group.​ being updated

PDRA alumni

Postdoctoral Alumni                             

Dr Aisling Ni CHeallaigh


Aisling joined us in 2014 after completing a PhD in Stefan Oscarson's oligosaccharide labs at UCD. She worked on a BBSRC program involving various biocatalysis and enzymology projects in collabortion with he Scrutton and Leys labs. Ais s now a PDRA in Keele/UCD. 

Dr Gavin Miller

Postdoc August 2009-Sept 2013 in the area of biooactive oligosaccharide synthesis, including syntheses up to 12-mer trisulfated heparin and developing end-modified chemistry suitable to apply to oligosaccharides, then applied to 12-mers for in vivo work. Gavin moved to a Teaching Fellowship in the School of Chemistry and has now moved to a lectureship at Keele.

Dr Issa Issa

Issa rejoined us after his PhD working on methodology related to carbohydrates.

Issa now has a job in industry.

Dr Garrett Potter

Garrett is a graduate of University of California, San Diego and worked at Axikin Pharmaceuticals before coming to Manchester for his PhD, and then taking up a post-PhD position to work on mixed sequence therapeutically-relevant heparin fragments in a BBSRC-supported project with an industrial collaborator. He then moved to a PDRA position at Stanford University and is now training in Patent law in California.

Kokovi Lawson Daku

Koko was in our group from July 2014. Koko completed her Licence de Chimie, Maîtrise de Chemie and DEA at the University of Grenoble, France, before completing a PhD at the University of Bath. She then worked at Evotec, Avecia and SAFC. She worked in our lab on synthesis of glycosylaminoglycan fragments, work which is being taken on by others in the Manchester lab. She then took up an offer of a job in an industrial research lab in the north of England.

Dr David Mansell

PDRA from Feb 2010-Dec 2013. David previously worked on a bio-reductively triggerable fluorescent inositol probes. In our group, he worked on biocatalysis in collaboration with Nigel Scrutton’s group on the new biocatalysts encompassing reductases and a most lately on synthetic biology towards the enzymatic production of high value terpenoids. David was snapped up by a start-up synthetic biologics company and is now working in patent law.

Dr Anna Fryzskowska

Postdoc 2006-2010. Working on biocatalysis development in collaborations with Prof Nigel Scrutton (FLS) and Gill Stephens (CEAS - since moved to Nottingham).

Current position: Research at Chirotech

Dr Marek Barath

Postdoc Oct 2006-Feb 2009. Working on oligosaccharide synthesis. Marek developed original elongation synthesis to longer heparin-like oligosaccharides and was involved in the development of new iduronate chemistry.

Current position: Academic in Department of Glycochemistry at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava where he has helped develop a now well-renowned biannual carbohydrate conference series.

Dr Bader Salameh

Postdoc 2004-6. Working on oligosaccharide synthesis.

Current position: Bader has taken up an academic appointment in his home country, Jordan.

Dr Susan McGinty

Postdoc 2004-5, Working on L-iduronic acid synthetic methodology.

Current position: Research Fellow, JJR Pharmaceutical Research Lab, Univ. of Wollongong, Australia

Dr S U Hansen

Postdoc 2003-2013. Worked on methods for synthesis of oligosaccharides, and developed scalable synthesis of L-iduronic acid, leading to scale-up of oligosaccharide synthesis.

Dr Paul Mather

Postdoc 1998-2001. Working on discovery of new anaerobic biocatalysis substrates.After leaving our group Paul worked in a start-up synthetic chemistry company, and is now Business Development Manager in the UK for AMRI.

Dr Hong Li

Hong worked on a joint project with Gill Stephens, following on from some of Paul Mather’s work. After leaving Manchester Hong took up another  postdoc position at the University of Oxford. Hong now has a position at University of Lancaster

Dr Anne Rutledge

Antisense oligonucleotide - carbohydrate conjugates as anti-HIV agents, and multivalent mannosides. Anne is now an academic in the Department of Chemistry, at the University of York with research programs in various areas of bio-organic chemistry

Dr Martin Penny

Postdoc 1995-1996. Working on asymmetric synthesis of monosaccharides and 2H-labelling.

After leaving our group Martin worked for the BBSRC in Brussels and now heads the UKRO Office in Brussels.




Grad Student Alumni [PAGE being updated]

Dr Charlotte Dalton

Charlotte graduated from Manchester Chemistry with a First Class M.Chem in 2012.She joined the group funded through the BBSRC DTP scheme working on new labelled GAG synthesis and applications in a joint project with Dr S Magennis (Glasgow)

Charlotte has now moved into a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Issa Issa

New synthetic substrates for terpenoid biocatalysis. His work included developing routes to various novel monoterpenoids and identified some new aspects of non-natie substrate selectivities which have helped both provide synthetic utility but also add to insightds regarding the enzyme structure/catalysis.

Dr Ray Prajnamitra

Sept 2011

Ray also joined in Sept 2011. Ray is a Master’s graduate from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (2011), and was awarded his PhD for on polyaryl arhcitectures in 2016.

Dr Jinesh Mistry

Jinesh graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010. His research project involved methods for construction of novel polyaryl functional dendrimers. Jinesh got his Phd in 2016 and now works for IBM.

Dr Garrett Potter

Garrett graduated from University of California, San Diego and worked at Axikin Pharmaceuticals before coming to Manchester. He was awarded his PhD on synthetic GlcA heparin fragments in 2016. 

Dr Jafar Alkabli

Jan 2012: Jafar worked on new polyaryl  derivatives and dendritic materials and biaryl nanographenes and compeletd his PhD in 2016

Dr Laura Baltierra Jasso

Laura working in collaboration with the Magennis group and her PhD developing new methods related to glycosylamino glycan (GAG) binding proteins was her awarded in 2016.

Dr Moayyad Khasoqui

April 2012: Polyaryls. Structural studies of new polyaryls, in collaboration with Dr R Pritchard.

Dr Khalid Althumayri

Jan 2012: New synthesis of polyaryls, dimers and new polymeric systems and investigation of new polymer membranes,and graphene aditives with Prof P Budd

Dr Irfan Aliby

October 2013: Irfan is working in collaboration with computational medicinal chemists on modelling of heparin-related oliogsaccharide protein interactions

Mostafa Mahmoud abd El-Satar

Sept 2011: Mostafa joined the group in September 2011 and worked on developing synthesis of new heterocyclic nucleic acid binding agents. He has now been awarded his MPhil and has taken up a PhD position in the School of Chemistry at Bristol Univeristy.

Dr Faisal Jamshaid

MPhil 2012: Faisal has been working on methods for the synthesis of novel multivalent saccharides, and has developed synthesis of new mannosides. He passed his MPhil  in 2012, and then completed a synthetic chemistry PhD in Huddersfiield.

Dr Adil Gobouri

PhD, 2011: Adil is working on synthesis of new stereoisomeric dendrimers for his PhD. He completed his B.Sc. at Umm Al-Qura University, and gained his Masters in Organic Chemistry from King Abdul Aziz University in 2005. He spent 18 months as Assistant Lecturer in the Chemistry Department at Taif Teachers College, before coming to Manchester in 2007. Adil has returned to an academic position.

Dr Karl Broberg

Karl started his PhD in September 2007, working on synthesis of bioactive oligosaccharides. Karl graduated from the University of Manchester School of Chemistry and then spent a  year doing research  at the Wolfson Imaging  Centre in Manchester before re-joining the School to undertake his PhD. After that he first needed completed a 6 month round the world trek before taking up a job at AZ.

Dr Aqeel Khan

PhD, 2012: Aqeels’project involves synthesis and evaluation of novel oligoheterocycles for DNA binding,

Aqeel obtained an M.Sc. in heterocyclic chemistry from Punjab University in 2002 and was then employed at the PSCIR labs in Lahore before coming to Manchester in 2005.

Dr Shatha Al-Aqeel

PhD, 2010: Shatha’s project involved synthesis and evaluation of novel oligoheterocycles for DNA binding, work which has identified several new types of DNA binding ligand,  She synthesized a wide range of novel systems and identified several new DNA binding ligand types. Before coming to Manchester in 2006 Shatha completed her Masters in heterocyclic synthesis and then undertook lecturing at the King Saud University, Riyadh. Following her PhD graduation from Manchester, she has returned to an academic position at King Saud University.

Dr Kanan El-Wahedy


Prof Ramy Morjan


Dr Steve Super Barasa

Asymmetric synthesis by biocatalysis

Dr Mariem Alnaed

Asymmetric kinetic resolutions

Dr Will Stimpson

Labelled carbohydrates

Richard MiIls

Total synthesis of mycalamides

Dr Marck Norret

Asymmetric synthesis 

Dr Jameel Chughtai

Asymmetric synthesis

Dr Phil Crewe

Asymmetric synthesis with terpenoid ligands

Dr Andrew Goss

Combinatorial solid supported heterocycles

Dr Phil Giles

Pumiliotoxin synthesis

Dr Colin Loyns

Anti-HIV heterocycles

MSc Alumni                              




Nurul Razak 2016

Haiwei Ma 2015

Li 2014


Xiao Xiao 2013


Saira Bano 2011


Shabbir Kapasi 2010


Shazia Horara 2005

Will Cheung 2005


Mike Darley 2004


Ashutosh Tripathi 2004


Malcolm Cooper 1998


Stephane Ott 1997

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